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Making Living Sharing – Trailer #1

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It’s finally online, the very first trailer for my upcoming research documentary. The movie will be about my adventures in global collaboration and local fabrication. How can we help people create their own products? How can we make a living from sharing?

It will feature shots from FabLabs and projects around the world, animations about design by sharing and interviews with various makers and generally awesome people.

Making Sharing Living will premiere in August 2013 at FAB9 in Yokohama, Japan

The Layer Table

Layer Table - by DyvikDesign - 01

Now that Alex had some fancy new black chairs in his lab, he realized that he wanted a table to go with the chairs. So, I designed a parametric table that matches the shape language of the Layer Chair. The design lets you specify the measurement of any plate you would like to use as a table top. The output of the Grasshopper definition is a table frame that fits your plate of leftover material.

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The Layer Chair – Amsterdam edition

Layer Chair - by DyvikDesign - Collection of three

Alex Schaub (FabLab manager Amsterdam) liked the Layer Chair I made in the HONFablab Indonesia so much that we decided to make a few for his lab as well. We used one sheet of 18mm black MDF per chair. Colored MDF is a very intersting material for making large objects on the ShopBot. We are currently investigating different finishing processes like lacquering and waxing so that the chair will be spill proof.

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Parametric Christmas Tree with Kinect

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To test the new possibilities of the Kinect in combination with Grasshopper, I made a parametric Christmas Tree definition. It enables you to design a Christmas Tree with your own body. The Kinect sensor reads the position of your head, hands and feet in realtime and grasshopper translates the data into a beautiful tree. Use a lasercutter or CNC milling machine to cut out your tree in any size. Sliders enables you to specify material thickness and to adjust the size of the final tree.


Download the design to test for yourself. More interfaces for parametric design coming soon.

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IceHotel suite

Dimensional Journey - Panorama

Dimensional Journey is  suite built entirlery from domino shaped iceblocks. The geometric pattern of the repeating T-structure  creates a visual experience across dimensions.  Continue Reading →

The GreenCube

The GreenCube, Urban worm composter

The GreenCube project is an ongoing research of how to relate to our food, organic waste and social environment. The prototype was built as a part of my graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, and has been tested in different urban environments. Continue Reading →


Ref Jens Dyvik Featued

Ref is wearable that that assists you in improving your emotional skills. It monitors your inner balance and communicates your progress though its body language.

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Phsycosis Designerosis

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Potential consequences of a future design career. This film was the result of mid-study reflection process on the realities of the design world.

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