First takeoff with the hexacopter


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We had a very very successful first test flight with our hexacopter. Extremely cool feeling to CNC mill your own propellers and then see them take off into the sky. Press the “Download this design button” to get our drawings for laser cutting and cnc milling. We would love all kinds of help on developing the flight electronics with the FabLab PCB milling process. A more detailed tutorial on building your own is coming soon.

The magic first seconds in the air

Photo by Knut Klo


Photo by Knut Klo

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  1. Hi Jens, have a nice day!
    One thing, i try to download the model of the hexacopter, but say the file have problems with the directory.

    Regards and hugs. See you soon!


  2. Mike says:

    I LOVE this experiment! Totally successful!

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