Making Living Sharing – Trailer #1

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It’s finally online, the very first trailer for my upcoming research documentary. The movie will be about my adventures in global collaboration and local fabrication. How can we help people create their own products? How can we make a living from sharing?

It will feature shots from FabLabs and projects around the world, animations about design by sharing and interviews with various makers and generally awesome people.

Making Sharing Living will premiere in August 2013 at FAB9 in Yokohama, Japan

Lasering Pixelglasses at FabCafe

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I couldn’t allow myself to visit FabCafe to only talk and not make anything. So I returned and had one of the best espressos of Tokyo while I worked out a parametric Pixelglasses definition in Grasshopper.

You define the outline of your glasses with a vector line that you load into grasshopper. The size of the pixels depends on your material thickness. You can set the length and width of the glasses as well as the opacity of the hollow pixels. They work by the same principle as the shutter shades made famous by Kanye West.

The download link features some of the designs I made in collaboration with friends and visitors of FabCafe as well as the parametric system. The Grasshopper definition is slightly buggy and still work in progress. Contact me if you get stuck.

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Greetings to FAB8 from MIT FabLab Lyngen

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This is a 5min video message from Haakon Karlsen Jr. to the FabLab community, since he could not make it to FAB8 this year. We have included some shots of how we used the plastic bender to make our hexacopter arms and the ShopBot to cnc mill the propellers. Continue Reading →

Movie of building FabLab Indonesia, Week 1

FabLab location Yogyakarta - ground floor

Here is a 12 minute movie from week 1 here in Indonesia. Alex Schaub is making a documentary from the process of building up the FabLab. And as I am making a documentary from my FabLab world tour, it turned out to be a perfect open source project to exchange shot making and footage. You can view the video on the Waag blog embedded in this post. Continue Reading →

Goalsevarre panorama

panorama oksen

Haakon and Arild are developing a very interesting project called the Arctic Alps. The plan is to create a eco touristic hub for Lyngen. This includes a 30.000 square meter cave that will become the main resort as well as tunnels connecting the resort to a ferry terminal and the 1250m high summit of mount Goalsevarre.

I backcountry skiied up to the mountain peak called “Oksen” which is right on top of where the main resort cave will be. From there I captured a panorama that shows the 360 degrees view of the area. To show this in the lab, I animated the panorama into a looping movie.

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Shooting the Ref movie

Photo by Mike Roelofs

Here is a peek behind the scenes of the new Ref movie. The shots were made by Mike Roelofs while I operated the Ref prototype. A teaser is on its way. A special thanks to Romy van den Broek and Simone van Wijk for modelling.

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The GreenCube

The GreenCube, Urban worm composter

The GreenCube project is an ongoing research of how to relate to our food, organic waste and social environment. The prototype was built as a part of my graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, and has been tested in different urban environments. Continue Reading →

Phsycosis Designerosis

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Potential consequences of a future design career. This film was the result of mid-study reflection process on the realities of the design world.

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