Layer Chair iteration by Nick Graham

Layer stool by Nick Graham

This Layer Stool was created by Nick Graham at FabLab Wellington, New Zealand. Nick loaded his custom profile curves into my parametric design system to make a stool iteration of the Layer Chair series. Nick is a generally awesome guy doing a master in Open Design at Massey University. More info about the stool and Nicks research here. Great experience to be surprised by someone finding new possibilites with an open design.

Nick also invited me to participate in his Exquiste Corpse design experiment, where three participants had to design a part of a chair without knowing what the other two had designed. Nick designed the four legs, and Continue Reading →

Lasering Pixelglasses at FabCafe

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I couldn’t allow myself to visit FabCafe to only talk and not make anything. So I returned and had one of the best espressos of Tokyo while I worked out a parametric Pixelglasses definition in Grasshopper.

You define the outline of your glasses with a vector line that you load into grasshopper. The size of the pixels depends on your material thickness. You can set the length and width of the glasses as well as the opacity of the hollow pixels. They work by the same principle as the shutter shades made famous by Kanye West.

The download link features some of the designs I made in collaboration with friends and visitors of FabCafe as well as the parametric system. The Grasshopper definition is slightly buggy and still work in progress. Contact me if you get stuck.

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Winning the FAB8 flight competition


Knut Klo, Haakon Karlsen Jr. and I won the FAB8 design competition in Wellington, New Zealand. Our hexacopter easily managed to stay the required 30 seconds in the air. The amazing guys at Phothigher saved the day by lending us one of their micro controllers when we couldn’t get the Ardupilot to work in time. Also a big thanks to all the people from the FabLab community who helped me troubleshoot the RF communications. More pictures in the post. Continue Reading →

First takeoff with the hexacopter


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We had a very very successful first test flight with our hexacopter. Extremely cool feeling to CNC mill your own propellers and then see them take off into the sky. Press the “Download this design button” to get our drawings for laser cutting and cnc milling. We would love all kinds of help on developing the flight electronics with the FabLab PCB milling process. A more detailed tutorial on building your own is coming soon.

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More mountain chairs


I have made two more mountain chairs at FabLab Lyngen. One from Pollfjellet and one from Fornestind. I have developed a parametric system in Grasshopper that takes the input of a mountain profile and the height above sealevel, and outputs the milling files ready nested with part numbers. 13 more mountain chairs coming when I return to Haakons lab this winter. Continue Reading →

Ass scanning for the perfect Ass Stool

ass scanning for ass stool01

The Ass Stool is in the process of being parametrized. The design system allows me to scan the length of your lower leg and the width of your ass with the Kinect. These two parameters feeds into the Ass Stool definition, resulting in a tailor made Ass Stool for your body.

Sjoerd de Jager is a new account manager at the Waag Society. After a visit to the HONFablab in Indonesia he came back very enthusiastic about the first Ass Stool I made there. So Sjoerd volunteered to be the first Ass Scan test subject. Check the images in the post to see the making of the very first tailor made Ass Stool by live 3D scanning. Continue Reading →

the Layer Chair – Band edition

Band chair detail

The latest CNC milling experiment is constructing by plastic bands instead of glue or screws. The layers are kept together by tight plastic bands and clips, the type you normally use for sealing cardboard boxes and pallets. The challenge was to keep the layers aligned without dowels or pins. I updated the parametric system to make wider and narrower gaps according to the surface curvature at each layer. The closer to the edge, the wider the hole needs to be for the band to fit through. Continue Reading →

the Layer Chair – Sevilla edition

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I showed the ongoing Layer Chair project here in Sevilla and it turned into a very interesting open design collaboration. Three groups of students at FabLab Sevilla downloaded and customized their own versions of the Layer Chair. One group was inspired by the classic Eames lounge chair, one group made the perfect chair for architecture students and the final group experimented with weaving a seat from thin rope.

The chairs are currently exposed and for sale at gallery Lugadero in Sevilla. For the opening night I created an interactive chair design system where visitors could design a chair with their own body. With the Kinect component for Firefly I could read out the position of the visitors head and hips. The height of you head determined the height of your chair, and the angle of your back determined the backrest. Tracking two people at the time making their own designs was very entertaining.

It was an interesting experience to exhibit a design system and an open process instead of showing a finished product. More open collaboration communication coming soon. Continue Reading →

The Layer Chair – Viking edition

lyngen chair01

At MIT FabLab Lyngen, Haakon has a very interesting table and chair project going on. He is going to replace the main dining table with a large fjord-like table made from massive wood. And the chairs will be replaced with 16 tall ones, with profiles matching the 16 highest mountain peaks of the Lyngen Alps. After telling Haakon about my parametric chair project, there was no doubt that we had to combine our ideas. Continue Reading →

Prosthetic foot, articulated prototype sketch

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A test of an articulated foot system for the Lowcost Prosthetic program of FabLab Amsterdam and HONFablab. Based upon the articulated foot research of Nancy Seto, intern at FabLab Amsterdam.

This design sketch aims to use the inner tube of a bicycle tire for providing the elastic tension of the foot. This material is cheap and widespread around the world, making it possible for the user to replace parts without tools or specific knowledge.

Next step will be experimenting with casting rubber as a flexible ankle joint.

More information about the Lowcost Prosthetic program:

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