The Layer Chair – Viking edition

At MIT FabLab Lyngen, Haakon has a very interesting table and chair project going on. He is going to replace the main dining table with a large fjord-like table made from massive wood. And the chairs will be replaced with 16 tall ones, with profiles matching the 16 highest mountain peaks of the Lyngen Alps. After telling Haakon about my parametric chair project, there was no doubt that we had to combine our ideas.

I configured the chair to be 160cm tall, and then cut the top with a profile from a traced picture of Goalsevarre, a 1289m tall mountain visible from the lab. Haakon had some 27mm thick plates of glued massive pine lying in the lab already. Milling with a 6mm straight flute bit we got a finish so nice there was no need for sanding the pieces. For extra strength I used both screws and glue when joining the parts.

After a few months of testing, we will optimize the design and produce the remaining 15 mountain chairs

You can download and customize your own Layer Chair here. If you would like to order a custom made chair, contact me.


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  1. Alex says:

    Dude, you rock so hard!

    • Jens says: (Author)

      Thanks Alex! Kind of typical that a chair would become the most popular design from my FabLab world tour so far. I guess designers will be designers

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