The Layer Chair – Amsterdam edition

Alex Schaub (FabLab manager Amsterdam) liked the Layer Chair I made in the HONFablab Indonesia so much that we decided to make a few for his lab as well. We used one sheet of 18mm black MDF per chair. Colored MDF is a very intersting material for making large objects on the ShopBot. We are currently investigating different finishing processes like lacquering and waxing so that the chair will be spill proof.

Straight cut on the outside and steps on the inside. This makes a smooth sitting surface with a short machining time.

I originally designed the Layer Chair as an example of working with large organic surfaces on the ShopBot. The parametric Grasshopper definition enables you to input any profile curve you like, and the system outputs new milling curves. Like this you can search for the perfect chair for you. Download the design to make your own chair in a FabLab, and use the included Grasshopper definition to design the perfect personal chair for someone.

The parametric system lets you chance your material thickness, milling bit size, desired chair width and so on. It also possible to change the shape language of the chair by adjusting the size of the inside and outside fillets.

BBQ sticks becomes alignment pins


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  1. enrique says:

    why so much waste?

    • Jens says: (Author)

      Hey Enrique. I am currently working on a joint system for the back legs. This will allow for much more efficient material usage. I am also working on applying a wedge technique so that there will be no need for screws or glue in the making process. So keep your eyes open for future updates.

  2. Bob says:

    Join legs to seat with staggered dogbone joint. drill thru holes on parts for locating. ship kd with locating dowels, tie rods and instruction sheet. settle on one size for mass marketing and mfg in china. You have a gold mine. Or sell dxf drawing online for sale to the DIY crowd. Market as bandsaw project.

  3. Lowrider says:

    Kjøp dere en silikon-pensel, sånn til matlaging/baking, og trim busten så det bare er igjen rundt en centimeter. Mye bedre å smøre såpass store mengder lim med, og lett å gjøre rent (størknet lim bare “vrenges” av).

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