Work in progress

reactive machine, interface for parametric designs


The reactive machine enables you to adjust the parameters of a design by shuffling markers on the glass surface. This first iteration was made in one day using the ShopBot in the HONFablab. More documentation coming soon. Continue Reading →

Lounge chair from a curve

Lounge chair CNC milled with shopbot

This is an ongoing experiment into a grasshopper definition that creates furniture from a single curve. More info coming soon. Continue Reading →

Projects in progress at HONFablab Yogyakarta


Here is an update on some of the projects we are working on at HONFablab Yogyakarta:

CNC Marker drawing:

We tested marker drawing on the ShopBot with great success. This can become an interesting way of customizing CNC furniture. It also a good way to add something more exciting to the regular CNC flat-pack designs.

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The Husky House, first sketches


I am helping MIT FabLab Norway develop a press fit flatpackable dog house. The Husky House will host racedogs during the extreme dogsled race Finmarksløpet. Currently the dogs sleep outside during tthe 10day long race, but the challenge is that the dogs are raced to their limit. The dogs use too much energy sleeping in the cold, and dogs arriving late at the resting stations get sick from the feces of the leading Huskies.

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GreenCube: Season 3


The GreenCube has entered its 3rd season with the planting of rocket and carrot seeds. I fertilezed the ground with worm compost and bokashi. The GreenCube is morphing into a worm farm, providing worms for the growth boxes of the Natuursupermarkt.

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I have built a SteadiCam for Mike Roelofs. Mike is a professional photographer and cameraman and he needs a rig to create fluent shots while moving. A SteadiCam is a genius system with joints and counter weights that reduces camera shakes from footsteps.

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Shooting the Ref movie

Photo by Mike Roelofs

Here is a peek behind the scenes of the new Ref movie. The shots were made by Mike Roelofs while I operated the Ref prototype. A teaser is on its way. A special thanks to Romy van den Broek and Simone van Wijk for modelling.

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