Arriving at HONFablab, Indonesia

I have arrived at HONF media lab in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The coming month I will assist the members of HONF in building up the first FabLab in South-east Asia. The HONFablab is a collaboration between HONF and the Waag Society, financed mainly by EVD.

The ambitious plan is to document the whole process of building up the lab, from bureaucratic paperwork and machine shopping to how to build the interior of a FabLab. We will use the FabLab machines to build the entire inventory of the lab. The result will be a complete open-source instructable package of How-To-Build-A-FabLab.

Link to HONF (House of Natural Fiber)

Link to the Waag Society

Yogyakarta from the air

The facade of the soon to be HONFablab

Main space downstairs, still in renovation

Main space upstairs

The rooftop

My friendly house pet the vinegaroon

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