Ass scanning for the perfect Ass Stool

The Ass Stool is in the process of being parametrized. The design system allows me to scan the length of your lower leg and the width of your ass with the Kinect. These two parameters feeds into the Ass Stool definition, resulting in a tailor made Ass Stool for your body.

Sjoerd de Jager is a new account manager at the Waag Society. After a visit to the HONFablab in Indonesia he came back very enthusiastic about the first Ass Stool I made there. So Sjoerd volunteered to be the first Ass Scan test subject. Check the images in the post to see the making of the very first tailor made Ass Stool by live 3D scanning.The parametric Ass Stool is still in development and a bit buggy, contact me if you can’t wait for the open source files.

the Kinect and the ass scan system


Ass and leg scan and the resulting parametric ass stool


Sjoerd studying the freshly milled parts. Ass scan system in the background


The parts

Hammering the parts together


S- Small (20% smaller than scanned ass size)


M - Medium (Matching scanned ass size)


L - Large (20% larger than scanned ass size)


Sjoerd and his Ass Stool


The new 3 piece joint design makes a very strong construction without glue and screws


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