Brainstorming in de Factorij, a freshly born FabLab in Eindhoven

I have spent the last two weeks in de Factorij in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is a FabLab in the making, and a completely new approach to how to start a FabLab.

Fiona van de Geijn hs started de Factorij a lab focused on laser cutting, and it will morph into a complete FabLab over time. It is a bottom up approach to creating a FabLab. Fiona is starting small, with private funding, and will grow to become financially self sustainable, accommodating the full range of machines and hopefully the possibility to have open access part of the week.

Currently she is focusing on laser cutting services and workshop facilitation. And there are lots of exciting opportunities for future growth: Product development assistance, incubation support with contact to local manufacturing industries, collaboration with external sponsors and more.

There is already a very good vibe hanging in the air of de Facorij, and it has been fantastic to discuss and dream about future possibilities with Fiona.

More info can be found on the website of de Factorij.

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