CNC milling the parts for a prosthetic foot sketch

To get some feedback on the potential of the rubber wedge foot, we CNC milled a sketch at HONFablab Indonesia. We used massive wood of the Keruing type and a flip part setup to create the parts.More info on

Sourcing the wood with Aga

Transportation of the unexpected kind

Preparing the wood with the Ass Stool as a sawing table

Classic fail. Broke the four flute milling bit at 9mm pass depth and 60mm per second, a one flute bit would have been a better tool.

The first side finished, good settings where 5mm pass depth and 60mm per second.

Screwing down the piece with alignment pegs for accurate milling of the flipside

The finished two sided milling job

Cutting the tabs

Gluing the pieces

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  1. Hey Jens,

    How are you doing? looks like your working on something very nice and helpful for many people in the world! We could use a few of those here at the hospital in Malosa!

    How are things in Oslo? Do you have your own fablab already?

    Here in Malawi everything goes very well. Eva has got a big pregnant belly and i am into designing baby stuff as a result of that. My first windmill is also finally up and running!
    See: for some pics and stories about Malawi!

    We will be in Holland at the end of December and January and after that we’ll have another year in Malawi. Are you still planning to come and visit?

    Good luck with your projects and hope to see you soon!

    greetings, Jeroen

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