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Ass scanning for the perfect Ass Stool

ass scanning for ass stool01

The Ass Stool is in the process of being parametrized. The design system allows me to scan the length of your lower leg and the width of your ass with the Kinect. These two parameters feeds into the Ass Stool definition, resulting in a tailor made Ass Stool for your body.

Sjoerd de Jager is a new account manager at the Waag Society. After a visit to the HONFablab in Indonesia he came back very enthusiastic about the first Ass Stool I made there. So Sjoerd volunteered to be the first Ass Scan test subject. Check the images in the post to see the making of the very first tailor made Ass Stool by live 3D scanning. Continue Reading →

the Layer Chair – Band edition

Band chair detail

The latest CNC milling experiment is constructing by plastic bands instead of glue or screws. The layers are kept together by tight plastic bands and clips, the type you normally use for sealing cardboard boxes and pallets. The challenge was to keep the layers aligned without dowels or pins. I updated the parametric system to make wider and narrower gaps according to the surface curvature at each layer. The closer to the edge, the wider the hole needs to be for the band to fit through. Continue Reading →

Prosthetic foot, articulated prototype sketch

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A test of an articulated foot system for the Lowcost Prosthetic program of FabLab Amsterdam and HONFablab. Based upon the articulated foot research of Nancy Seto, intern at FabLab Amsterdam.

This design sketch aims to use the inner tube of a bicycle tire for providing the elastic tension of the foot. This material is cheap and widespread around the world, making it possible for the user to replace parts without tools or specific knowledge.

Next step will be experimenting with casting rubber as a flexible ankle joint.

More information about the Lowcost Prosthetic program:

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The Layer Chair – Cello edition

Layer Chair - Cello edition

In Amsterdam I had the pleasure of not only meeting the world famous cellist Frances Marie Uitti, but to also make a custom cello playing version of the Layer Chair for her. After a performance in the Theatrum Anatomicum, she fell in love with the parametric chair design that I have developed. And once Alex Schaub told her that it is possible to adjust the profile and size of the chair anyway you like, we had no choice but to make one for her. Continue Reading →

The Layer Table

Layer Table - by DyvikDesign - 01

Now that Alex had some fancy new black chairs in his lab, he realized that he wanted a table to go with the chairs. So, I designed a parametric table that matches the shape language of the Layer Chair. The design lets you specify the measurement of any plate you would like to use as a table top. The output of the Grasshopper definition is a table frame that fits your plate of leftover material.

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The Layer Chair – Amsterdam edition

Layer Chair - by DyvikDesign - Collection of three

Alex Schaub (FabLab manager Amsterdam) liked the Layer Chair I made in the HONFablab Indonesia so much that we decided to make a few for his lab as well. We used one sheet of 18mm black MDF per chair. Colored MDF is a very intersting material for making large objects on the ShopBot. We are currently investigating different finishing processes like lacquering and waxing so that the chair will be spill proof.

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