FabLab Wellington

Layer Chair iteration by Nick Graham

Layer stool by Nick Graham

This Layer Stool was created by Nick Graham at FabLab Wellington, New Zealand. Nick loaded his custom profile curves into my parametric design system to make a stool iteration of the Layer Chair series. Nick is a generally awesome guy doing a master in Open Design at Massey University. More info about the stool and Nicks research here. Great experience to be surprised by someone finding new possibilites with an open design.

Nick also invited me to participate in his Exquiste Corpse design experiment, where three participants had to design a part of a chair without knowing what the other two had designed. Nick designed the four legs, and Continue Reading →

Winning the FAB8 flight competition


Knut Klo, Haakon Karlsen Jr. and I won the FAB8 design competition in Wellington, New Zealand. Our hexacopter easily managed to stay the required 30 seconds in the air. The amazing guys at Phothigher saved the day by lending us one of their micro controllers when we couldn’t get the Ardupilot to work in time. Also a big thanks to all the people from the FabLab community who helped me troubleshoot the RF communications. More pictures in the post. Continue Reading →

Greetings to FAB8 from MIT FabLab Lyngen

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This is a 5min video message from Haakon Karlsen Jr. to the FabLab community, since he could not make it to FAB8 this year. We have included some shots of how we used the plastic bender to make our hexacopter arms and the ShopBot to cnc mill the propellers. Continue Reading →