Goalsevarre panorama

Haakon and Arild are developing a very interesting project called the Arctic Alps. The plan is to create a eco touristic hub for Lyngen. This includes a 30.000 square meter cave that will become the main resort as well as tunnels connecting the resort to a ferry terminal and the 1250m high summit of mount Goalsevarre.

I backcountry skiied up to the mountain peak called “Oksen” which is right on top of where the main resort cave will be. From there I captured a panorama that shows the 360 degrees view of the area. To show this in the lab, I animated the panorama into a looping movie.

The looping panorama will become a part of a permanent information video wall by the entrance of the FabLab. We sketched out the wall like this:

Weather information to the left, panorama of the Arctic Alps in the middle and general promo videos to the right.


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