Hexacopter polycarb arms

Since the Maui Makers are in a bit of a transition phase, it was not a much we could do in the current Makerspace. But as a true maker he is, Jerry has a Epilog lasercutter in his garage. After some forum scanning on polycarbonate, I decided to try out some careful laser cutting of polycarbonate arms for a new Hexacopter body. Unfortunately the 1/8 inch polyarb did not cut very well at all, and the rubber plastic bending strip I bought did not provide enough heat to bend accurately. So after a day of cutting and inventing double folded clamped bending tricks I was left with a bunch of imprecise and useless hexcaopeter arms. So back to drawing board again.

Special thanks to Jerry Isdale for letting me use his makergarage.  You can download the original hexacopter files here.

Jerry in his makergarage

Lasercutting in paradise

Thicker sheets of polycarb does not cut very well on a laser

Bending the polycarb hexacopter arms

No succes

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