Hexacopter polycarb arms

No succes

Since the Maui Makers are in a bit of a transition phase, it was not a much we could do in the current Makerspace. But as a true maker he is, Jerry has a Epilog lasercutter in his garage. After some forum scanning on polycarbonate, I decided to try out some careful laser cutting of polycarbonate arms for a new Hexacopter body. Unfortunately the 1/8 inch polyarb did not cut very well at all, and the rubber plastic bending strip I bought did not provide enough heat to bend accurately. So after a day of cutting and inventing double folded clamped bending tricks I was left with a bunch of imprecise Continue Reading →

The Maui Makers

maui makers map

Makerspace Hawaii, or the Maui Makers, is an interesting DIY community in development. Situated on Maui, they started out in a shipping container and have recently moved into an empty school building. The project is initiated and driven by Jerry Isdale, a fantastic maker of high caliber. Jerry was originally planning on starting a FabLab, especially since he jokingly refers to Hawaii having third world like conditions. But because of the high start costs and sponsorship required of a FabLab, Jerry decided to start a makerspace instead. He also had a hard time finding an open community supporting FabLab. And he became a bit disappointed by US FabLab meeting in Tulsa, where he found that knowledge sharing was practised a lot less than it was talked about, and that most of the US FabLab members seemed to be mainly focused on providing workshop facilities for their students at Continue Reading →