the Layer Chair – Sevilla edition

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I showed the ongoing Layer Chair project here in Sevilla and it turned into a very interesting open design collaboration. Three groups of students at FabLab Sevilla downloaded and customized their own versions of the Layer Chair. One group was inspired by the classic Eames lounge chair, one group made the perfect chair for architecture students and the final group experimented with weaving a seat from thin rope.

The chairs are currently exposed and for sale at gallery Lugadero in Sevilla. For the opening night I created an interactive chair design system where visitors could design a chair with their own body. With the Kinect component for Firefly I could read out the position of the visitors head and hips. The height of you head determined the height of your chair, and the angle of your back determined the backrest. Tracking two people at the time making their own designs was very entertaining.

It was an interesting experience to exhibit a design system and an open process instead of showing a finished product. More open collaboration communication coming soon.

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