The Layer Chair

I made the layer chair as an example of how to work with large organic surfaces on the shopbot. It was also a good excuse to make something a bit more refined and comfortable for the interior of the HONFablab. It is parametric design made in Grashopper, which makes it very easy to adjust the sitting profile, width, height, material thickness and so on. The Grasshopper definition uses two input curves. One for the midprofile of the seat, and one for the sideprofile. The definition outputs cutting lines, alignment holes and “trim lines” for making the inside of the seating more organic. In a way it is 2.5D process with manual control of the steps used to create the 3D surface.

It is a bit more time-consuming piece to assemble than your normal snap-fit furniture. All the layers are glued together with the help of holes and alignment pins. For the first prototype I used screws instead of pins and glue, which turned out to be a terrible idea. Open source package is on its way.

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